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Wireframing is a unique method in digital design, for both clients and development teams. Wireframing is the visual proposition of the page mockups, illustrating the structural arrangements, defining the contrasting factor on the page, along with the relationships between those factors.

Wireframing, MVP's and Prototype Development

Bakersfield Bizz, a division of Sofvue, LLC,  is a software development company serving Kern County, CA. We specialize in working with a wide array of businesses, from agriculture and logistics to administrative, B2c, B2b, and e-commerce companies selling wholesale and/or retail.  We design and produce wireframes, mockups, and prototypes for a wide assortment of mobile apps, databases, and web-application systems.  To date, we have produced over 35,000 wireframes for hundreds of projects, across countless platforms, for companies from California to New York.

We offer twenty years’ experience building software solution wireframes for CRM’s, SMEs, U.S., and International based companies, social media, residential and commercial real estate firms, agricultural, manufacturing, insurance, and financial institutions, bioscience firms, government entities, along with numerous small and mid-sized private companies in the B2b and B2c marketplace.

Our state-of-the-art wireframing techniques and rapid application development prototyping deliver the total picture for any project, from a simple project with just 10-20 wireframes to multi-million dollar projects involving thousands of wireframes.  Give us a call to learn more, have a cup of coffee, and talk about your upcoming project.

A Systematic Approach

Wireframing gives cost estimators and project managers the ability to very accurately estimate how much time and what types of resources will be needed to complete a project, eliminating scope creep and cost overruns that can derail even the best of intended projects. A fully complete document or Master Scope Document (MSD) does even more, allowing for the creation and management of burndown charts, Gantt charts, testing plans, and more.


Goal Driven Process

The first question we ask at the start of any project is "What are your project goals?" These goals become the catalyst of the project, and it's these goals that determine what wireframes will be developed, at what velocity and maybe just as importantly, what will not be developed.



Wireframing web and mobile apps for Bakersfield businesses gives both your business, as well as Bakersfield Bizz, an opportunity to define not only what the solution will be, but how people will interface with the technology. Undertaking the wireframing/prototyping process also gives you the ability to demonstrate the technology across a wide swath of users, from stakeholders and managers, to employees and customers, who can easily point out design or and functional flaws.


The Correct Architecture

The key to success for any project is knowing, before any coding begins, that the correct architecture is in place to ensure project success. Done correctly, wireframes not only function as a tool to define software development, we've watched our clients use them to validate concepts among employees and managers, create A/B test scenarios, as well as help decide future growth paths, before writing a single line of source code is written.


Application/Software Validation

Which makes more sense? Spending thousands of dollars on coding and testing, then having your employees test the system to see if it works, or, alternatively, define and create a stack of wireframes and then validating your ideas and concepts on those same employees, before ever writing a line of code? Put another way, assume you want to build a custom home and you hire a general contractor to build it. Now assume you can either hand the contractor a complete set of blueprints or a picture of the house drawn on a single piece of paper. Now ask yourself, which approach do you think has the highest chance of success?

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