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What’s the goal? If you are like most small businesses, it’s driving clicks to your website, delivering a clear message, offering professionally written content, and converting visits into lead calls. At Bakersfield Bizz, this is exactly what we do.

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The great "reset" is underway across our great land... a reset that will continue through at least 2025.  Growing competition and a constricted GDP caused by the Pandemic is forcing small businesses to re-evaluate their go-to-market strategies, and as part of the overall goals to sustain and/or improve company ROI, small businesses must either (a) find ways to lower costs through improved productivity or (b) increase the number of inbound leads and sales, in whatever form that takes.  At Bakersfield Bizz, we are a market leader in the field of web development for small businesses.  We understand that small businesses are having to make split-second decisions because of the pandemic, and even when the pandemic is behind us, it will still take years to reach the levels of business activity that existed in December of 2019.   Through our offerings, Bakersfield Bizz helps your achieve your business goals by showcasing your products, services and expertise, and the benefits your customers receive as a result.

In today's complex world, web development goes well beyond Wordpress, Joomla and Webflow, and although we use these tools for some of our projects, each of our web development projects focuses on meeting three key objectives. First, we carefully merge function and design together seamlessly. Next, we focus on ensuring your site is 'device agnostic' and displays correctly across all devices, whether on a phone, tablet or computer.  Lastly, every project is viewed through the lens of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), because a website serves zero purpose if people can't find it quickly through the major search engines.  In fact, achieving the highest possible search ranking is just as important as function, design and cross-platform functionality.

Let our team of expert Web Developers guide you past the ocean of misinformation so you can achieve the best possible site and at the most cost-efficient price.  Some of the benefits of working with us include:

Our Web Developers will guide you past the ocean of misinformation in the marketplace and produce the right solution for your business.  Some of our strengths include:

Creating a complete MSD before any coding begins
Outstanding Web Development Processes
Staying current with the latest development trends
Utilizing the latest API's and Third-Party resources
Designing friendly UX/UI interfaces
Staying ahead of delivery time tables
Establishing fixed-price jobs up-front
Hundreds of years of combined experience

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