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Serving the golden state of California, Bakersfield Bizz is your single best source destination and best choice for your company’s web presence.

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A website is not only a reflection of your company, but of you as well, your business philosophy and your brand.  Your website is mirror to who you are.  It’s also the handshake you have with potential customers when they meet you for the first time, which is often through their first visit to your site. Bakersfield Bizz has worked with a wide array of small businesses across Arizona, California, Texas, and numerous other states, and our sweet spot is companies with an army of 1 but also less than 200 employees. Additionally, we specialize and provide special attention to companies working in agriculture, logistics, hospitality, manufacturing, medical and dental, construction, real estate brokerage, property management, appraisal and healthcare.

At Bakersfield Bizz, we offer a wide assortment of web design, development, web-page design, mock-ups, prototyping, and creative web solutions to help your company thrive. Each project includes a professional designer, UX/UI consultant, expert coder, and when required, a project manager and professional content writer.  To start your Bakersfield web design project, give us a call or keep on reading.

Our Bakersfield team will help you navigate the process and keep you from the obstacles that can derail even the best of intended outcomes, and we do this to ensure you receive the right solution and within the budget you set.  

Our Web Design experts and developers in Bakersfield will guide you past all the misinformation to produce the right solution for your business. Our strengths include;

Creating a complete MSD before any coding begins
Outstanding Web Development Processes
Staying current with the latest development trends
Utilizing the latest API's and Third-Party resources
Designing friendly UX/UI interfaces
Staying ahead of delivery time tables
Establishing fixed-price jobs up-front
Hundreds of years of combined experience

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